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21 Apr : 17:27
Well, its been some time since I've been on here. Since 2008 to be on point. How has everyone been? And anything exciting going on?

13 Feb : 03:03
It has been a year since I was last on here. I see some good things and sad things have happened. I myself have had a few bumps in my path(rejection) but managed to soldier thru and beat it. Doing ok for now. sorry if my absence worried any one.....Russ

04 Apr : 11:53
Piper how are you doing? I haven't seen an update on your blog in several months. Hope you are continuing to do well!

22 Feb : 23:36
i'm baaaaack! thanks for thinking of me! i got lungs on christmas day and spent 40 days and 40 nights in the hospital. not entirely out of the woods yet but headed in the right direction! missed y'all and the forum! xo

27 Dec : 09:30
Piper got new Christmas lungs! Does anyone know if her family is posting updates online?

07 Nov : 02:47
Hi John, I'm fine....I'm not able to download your songs....And your photograph is very beautiful....

03 Nov : 07:45
Hi alireza, I'm doing well. How are you?

03 Nov : 01:31
hi hovac.. How are you .Hi everyone ... Happy Halloween to all....

31 Oct : 21:20
Happy Halloween!!

26 Oct : 07:10
Hi all friends




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Tue Jul 09 2013, 01:27PM
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KrisGabes4 wrote ...
Piper wrote ...
when you qualify for medicare through SSDI, you'll receive 2 parts: part a (for inpatient stuff) and part b (typically covers drugs, etc, dispensed at home). some people purchase a part d (supplemental) plan for additional prescription drug coverage. each state has different part d plans available for purchase, and what they cover varies. typically with medicare copayments are low or even non-existent, although there is a 20% patient liability for certain services. you should contact CF legal hotline for more info if you're questioning what should and should not be covered under your medicare policy.
Hi Piper, It sounds like you are on SSDI. How did they calculate how much money you get? I'm waiting for my telephone interview, Beth Sufian is helping me. I'm sure she'll explain it but I thought I'd ask. Thanks! Kristen
Its calculated based on how long you worked and earned credits.  For example, I get more with my SSDI than my mom's boyfriend does because I worked on the books since I was 18 whereas he didn't work for a long period of time.  
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Wed Jul 10 2013, 03:20PM
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You also should receive an annual statement that says how much your SSDI will be, should you become disabled. If you threw that statement away and you already applied for SSDI, you will not get another one. I don't know what time of year they come, I've been on SSDI for 9 years. It does matter how much you've worked in the past 5 years (I think?). And how much you were paid during those years. It's some formula with number of years worked equals some number of credits, which qualifies you, but then your amount is based on your salary. (how much you paid in.) It's nowhere near your monthly salary, but I think you get the idea.
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